Ruth Curran, MS

About Ruth Curran, MS

After a life changing accident and recovery from a brain injury, Ruth Curran committed her life to the study of the connection between our brains, our body’s systems, and our behavior. In the process she found the magic of the role of focusing on quality, color, and positive perspectives. She learned through both study and experience that those things that make us happiest, make us feel the most, and allow us to live our best lives play a critical part in maximizing functioning on so many levels.

Ruth developed practices to open up brain functioning through sensory activation and is helping others retrain empathy through both active and passive engagement. She hopes to help those who are facing life challenges to remove the barriers, open up new avenues, and begin to maximize their daily lives all through activating areas of the brain.

Ruth was a driving force behind the creation of the Healer’s Healers Workshop. She is certified in Past Life Regression and is working toward certification in Between Lives Regression therapy.

Ruth believes that the possibilities are endless when we take the time to focus those things in our lives that bring us joy.